Established in 2009, ROFMA - The Romanian Facility Management Association - is a professional nonprofit organization aiming to bring together all Romanian specialists in property and facility management in order to develop a unitary vision, both theoretical and pragmatic, at high European level, and to provide educational, informational and legislative support to its members.

Our main objectives are:

• Informing and educating the market on the content of Property and Facility Management (PFM)
• Developing a unitary and innovative vision of PFM
• Creating and developing the educationalframework for training and improving workers’ and future applicants’ skills
• Authorizing and accrediting experts in the field
• Promoting the latest concepts, technologies and trends at an international level
• Carrying out studies and comparative analyses in the field of Property and Facility Management: market studies, benchmarking, key performance indicatorsetc.
• Adopting standards, norms and regulations compatible with the specificity of the Romanian market
•    Inserting professions and occupations specific to the field in the Romanian Standard Occupational Classification (COR)
•    Establishing affiliations and developing relationships with international profile associations
• Establishing and developing professionalrelationships andknow-how exchanges with relevant organizations
• Offering an effective interface for the interests of the FM professional community in relation to state authorities.

ROFMA members are legal entities (FM providers of products, equipments, services and solutions, organizations and institutions close to FM, etc.) and individuals (partner members) - FM and related fields specialists.
ROFMA is a member of EuroFM, a network of over 80 organizations focusing on Facility Management at European level, representing national (professional) associations, education and research institutes and corporate organizations.
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