Why is it important to participate?

Why is it important to participate?

ROFMEX is the only event in Romania that provides a wide range of state-of-the-art products and services supplied by the facility management sector on the local market.

Exhibiting is one of the most important tools to penetrate new markets and gain new customers and, at the same time, to closely watch the competition and
identify trends in the industry. By participating in the exhibition, you will certainly consume fewer resources than those allotted for sales departments or buying costly market research studies.

Direct, personal contacts between exhibitors and stand visitors are key elements in efficient & productive exchange of information and business generation. This allows us to create, develop and maintain lasting partnerships. The exhibitors have the chance to show live and to demonstrate the benefits of their company and their products, creating trust and inspiration, by probing the quality of customer relationships and defining the value of the promoted products.

The products and services presented will have the most effective exposure to an audience made up of a specialized audience, corporate facility managers and other decision makers who manage millions of euro budgets annually!

Being present at ROFMEX, as an exhibitor, you will meet new business partners, you will stronger influence the existing ones by providing specialized, professional information on the characteristics, prices and sales conditions. This will expand your business spectrum with new, thrilling opportunities.

Who will you meet at ROFMEX?

New customers

New customers
At ROFMEX, get in touch with FM decision makers. Nowhere else will you find so many potential customers in one place!

Current customers

Current customers
At ROFMEX, you directly communicate with your customers, unlike the rest of the time when communication is limited to phone calls, emails or direct marketing.

Former clients

Former clients
At ROFMEX, you can revive past partnerships and convince former customers of your ability to meet their needs and requirements.


  • Exploring new markets and identifying market niches
  • Increase sales volume
  • Assessing competitiveness of the sector
  • Assessing current situation in the FM industry and profiling trends
  • Exchanging information and experience
  • Developing successful partnerships
  • Attending the conference, courses and other FM related events
  • Assessing your competition
  • New professional and business contacts
  • Increasing and strengthening brand reputation
  • Increasing the impact of advertising campaigns on both clients and the general public
  • Enlarging anddiversifying client portfolio
  • Intensifying existing professional and personal relationships
  • Implementation of branding and corporate design goals
  • Getting valuable information for increasing sales by experience exchanges
  • Reconfirmation of stability on the FM market
  • Assessing competition prices
  • Developing your distribution network
  • More contacts with sales representatives
  • Introducing new products and innovations in the field: systems, equipment, solutions etc.
  • Testing market reactions to products and services, especially new ones
  • Expanding your products and services offer

Live the ROFMEX experience, during November 9-11, making the most of the benefits of this landmark event in the Romanian facility management industry!