Alexandru Zana

Alexandru Zana

Service Leader, TRANE ROMANIA

Having 18 years of experience in companies, in Romania and abroad, in the field of HVAC-R, from my position as leader of the service and repair organization of TRANE ROMANIA, I have invested in the progress of the company by developing a team of professionals and by adopting innovative business directions which can answer in advance the requirements of the local market, ensuring a solid, competitive place in the HVAC solutions segment.

Finding that the local TRANE office was open to promoting on the Romanian market, which was an emergent one at the time, specialized maintenance services for commercial and industrial HVAC equipment, I have started my career with TRANE ROMANIA in 2007, when I found the opportunity to maximize the advantages of my experience acquired in one of the strongest service organizations in the US.

I was promoted to the position of Service Leader in the spring of 2014.

I consider that people are the most important resource for development and the driving force behind success.


10 November 2017