Tudor Trita

Tudor Trita

CEO, Archibus Solution Center - Romania

Tudor Trita is the founder and CEO of ARCHIBUS SOLUTION CENTER - ROMANIA, the local office, since 2007,  of the world leader in real estate software solutions and services, infrastructure management and facility management - ARCHIBUS Inc.

From his leadership position in ARCHIBUS SOLUTION CENTER - ROMANIA, Tudor has been involved in shaping the emerging market of facility management in Romania and, at the same time, has strongly supported local initiatives in the field of green constructions. Tudor played an important role in establishing and organizing the Romanian Green Building Council (ROGBC) in October 2008, the Romanian Facility Management Association (ROFMA) in October 2009 and in initiating and organizing the first facility management conference in Romania, in April 2009.

Tudor was vice president of ROGBC in 2010, vice president of ROFMA in 2010-2012 and 2014-2016, president of ROFMA both in 2012-2014 and, member of IFMA since 2006, member of CEO Club Romania, as well as guest speaker in numerous events in Romania on topics related to facility management, green buildings and IWMS.


09 November 2017


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